Building The Road

While Cleaning The Leaves From The Yard.

There are things in life that bring me joy. Cutting the grass, cleaning the leaves were today’s weapons of choice. I have always asked myself how, why, and for what reason. It is an element of a critical mind deciphering a thought.

The reason we all choose to understand the difference. The simple thought of a place you are when it is not yours.

There is one “true” definition of the words critical and thinking. But we add decorations fluctuated by choice.

Critical leads to a determination of a reason.

Thinking will create actions concerning pros and cons.

When we face a problem outweighing the principal, we will look for measures to determine the correct choice.

As crazy as it may seem, this thought came to me while I was cleaning someone else garbage. I had a choice to let it be, but this thought would have never become.

Our dominant ignorance is the root of changes in personal behaviors. Throw in a “little” cockiness of various levels, and you will see different results.

What happens to cockiness when left unattended? It becomes a seed planted with evil if we make the wrong choice.

I had the choice of leaving the garbage unattended with the risk of seeing it back in the area I spent time cleaning. Or I could gather it up and place it in their garbage can, where it belongs. If you ask, why would I not pick it up and avoid everything by placing it in my garbage can? It is because I have done it two times, but the person refuses to learn. If I gather it up and ask him to unlock his garbage can, I will prevent the possibility of having the garbage back all over the alley where people often walk. I saw the solution to a simple problem, a simple solution, yet not simple at all. To make the concept work requires more than my participation, plus the involvement of a clerk working at the store.

When I saw him outside talking, I approached and asked for his help unlocking his commercial garbage can.

I “apparently” interrupted a bull shit conversation, and he was not going to walk ten steps to the lock.

I am now “exposed” to a choice. One choice with three directions, but in the end, it is still one choice.

  1. Walk away as if it never happened.
  2. Ask for the reason while explaining his garbage makes the corner look like a dump.
  3. Go back to the yard, bring out the correct garbage can to finish my clean-up.
  4. Leave it neatly piled and see what his choice will be.

Sadly, but true, his decision will be a direct reflection of his thoughts and abilities. Either he feels he is too good for help or does not care about the looks of a corner where he works. Either or, it affects the environment to our immediate living. Multiply those times every corner of our world.

Life’s elements will affect us all on ways of living. It will build a positive or a negative because there is no other choice. Something as small as this gives a perfect example of our “choices, not reasons.” It becomes the habit blinding our world.

When we apply this concept to the things I am living? It reveals the reason to stand and protect a higher purpose ignored by choice. It teaches that when we can, and we can get away with anything? We can make up anything while modifying to convenience every law. The truth or facts will no longer matter, even when the damage caused affects the future to those unknown. It has taught me the true meaning of perfect indifference, and it cancels the possibility of sincere hope.

One cannot say love thy neighbor with a knife well hidden. It becomes a disgrace to the teachings from the old. It reveals the ability of manipulation with no remorse for the many victims. It declares what equals a negative impact of Scientific or Spiritual form. It exposes a heart to a realm led to believe to be non-existent. It reverses a foundation struggling while dividing worlds.

As for me, it becomes a station with fuel to make a difference, but the station has little business and lacks clientele with the courage to get involved.

Ever heard the expression “One random act of kindness can change our world”? Ask yourself if you see it fitting presently in our world. What I have lived will be known but make no difference; As it is believed, by adjusting conditions to save a will of an ill form.

When I first began raking the leaves and talking to nature, something told me to open my heart and be ready to learn.

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