Note to a Code. TiTQ~IV


From a Note to a Code. 

Picture this:
A man is out at sea in the middle of a storm. He waves his arms kicking his feet while trying to stay afloat.
During that time, a rope gets’ thrown in the sea to see if it could actually help him, and through confusion, he gained the patience and learned to wait for the dog.
He shares words of a voice, but not even his words are “heard” clearly. He was trying to explain that no one had anchored the rope.

On his way out, he picked up the dog, dragging the rope and the fish head. Before the storm, his biggest clue was right from wrong.

I’ve come to learn everything in life has a blueprint.
A distinctive signature is attached to a clock to be recognized.

The time now is 2:15 AM Pacific. The location is beautiful California, where I begin my road. I have a complex mind, so I don’t expect an understanding. The delivery can not be wrong because the map; was created above.

One does not get nine lives, and a cat can die in an instance. Know that a dog created to be mans’ best friend can turn away from both. That dog can choose a path to bring it back or die in the distance. The fish can only act dead and learn to be held by the mouth of a dog.

There was a time in my life when I was both the dog and the fish head. When I stopped eating the “bad” worm, something happened to my body. There is no need to look it up or define what that sentence means. Know of a dog who brought back a fish grateful for the man who did not ignore it.

In the “toughets” years of my life, I took the time and spoke to my spirit. It became the only way to overcome my heart and whispered thoughts. From a note, we can use “on” a code, stop looking for the difference. A man with a heart will do it again without processing the thought. A rope from the sea, the dog, and the fish became his first instinct. The “rope” will help hold his friend on a journey meant for a load.