Vanishing a Planned growth does not equal Best Interest

2014~2021 Events & Cases

In 1800, Italian inventor Alessandro Volta had a light bulb go off on top of his head!
Leonardo da Vinci began creating designs and models for transport vehicles in the 15th century.
The “wheel was invented” in the 4th century BC in Lower Mesopotamia.
“E=mc²” Albert Einstein.

Throughout our history, we have learned to accept concepts that were hard to understand. There are records everywhere indicating “The First” of anything took a breath or two to grasp the new idea.
I am sure people who looked at the person making the invention thought it was a joke.

I can imagine a well-dressed group of people walking around looking like a million dollars thinking: This person!

How about when some of the smartest of the world who crucified Jesus?

It seems as if the things required/needed to have continuous growth in life have a higher opposition and tougher grounds to break. When we take a good look at the inventor’s, there is always an over-excitement keeping them from apparel thinking.
We can see the white coats worn by the scientist, but it was not always like that. Let us compare the idea of people from other dimensions; they do not even wear clothing.
They have an advanced form of technology.
Do you think they were excited to get out from their dimension and forgot to put on their clothes?

Our own intelligent judgment prevents us from advancement in any form. We see color, poor haircuts, ripped shoes, or even a cheaper suit, and our minds become stupidly ignorant. We feel that a higher education prevents us from becoming anything like that guy! Why is it that a five-year-old makes more sense than graduate scholars at times? Depending on the child, I will go as far as saying every time. They speak the truth, have little fear, and they are only five.
They may not develop into a society standard, but I think we, smart grown-ups cause that. How many times during a life can we say “No” to a human? What percentage do you think are the brave ones who say why not? I will show you just for saying that! I am willing to bet that number is low but persistent. There are more educated criminals in jail because no other person is telling them no. They do not say: Hey! Put down that book and pick up that razor!

I believe when everyone has an equal form of respect with equal opportunities across the board equally. We may see an increase in dignity and a lower number on death row. We may even see families closer in unity and not for the wrong reasons. Imagine if discipline was a well-balanced nutrient served alongside a delicious cup of forgiving love. If I lost you, go back to the beginning again. It is not my spelling or improper English grammar. That is the judge and the ignorant residing at an address near self-righteous heart avenue and close to hate Boulevard. Some guys hold degrees not just given to every individual. There are exclusive qualifications passed down a family road.

A good friend that may have passed said to me, if not you, start the fire for it. Believe in you and keep faith where you “keep” the Lord. Do not mind all the political religion everyone says its nonexistent. If they do not help, ask them respectfully to move away. Otherwise, runner over with a Peterbilt truck!

He was a dear friend, guide, and instructor at Fandick Trucking.

He told me not to wear out a clutch, watch my tach, and keep on trucking. It took me three days and one test to get my driver’s license. I walked in at Honda Motorcycle, and an hour later, I rode off. Three weeks later, I took the class to get my motorcycle permit. I have driven tankers, rode nice bikes, and never heard a no.

All I heard was go for it. No one knows better than you if you are going to make it or not.

I will always say the same when asked for my opinion. You can walk to the moon and back. Just invent the right shoes.
I always said the same to my children. If you can see it, imagine it, write it, go for it! Do not steal it. Do not lie, and if you do, make sure it is for a worthy cause. Always remember that Jesus and God are there with you, and you cannot hide from those two. When we sin, always remember we can “be” forgiven. Forgiveness? That is a “very strange” concept, and ignorance is the worst.
Life is a learning process, and it has forced to become a busy person.
For the first time, I had a good sleep last night on this NoIQ Road.