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Best Interest ~ Case One




There is a lot to say about a young man with no direction.
I do believe that the bigger problem is the misplaced respect we all seem to lack. My intention of helping a system through my kids, it’s ruled out of my world. I don’t recall the relational distance between a wish, a hope, and a struggle been far apart. In the past four years, I’ve seen a “bigger” picture linked to profiling thoughts.

Insulted with hate, unable to ask a simple question, and I am supposed to sit back in a trap. I am not sure how to approach when an angle sets in one direction, but I can share I do not give up.

My heart goes out within reason to our future generations. My respect and advice are to listen before getting stuck. My heroes in life are my children, and as a father, there is no turning back. One of my feelings’ of pride is due to this young man. He learns from the bumps delivered by the walls and writes. At age five, he was “removed” from my presence. A lie and a check to replace me, he still made the best with the little he had. I asked him at a young age not to make me a grandfather before age 27. That’s a foundation and change, proving anything is possible when rooted on the right side of the track. They say time changes, but I know it’s the people because I still look at the same clock.

Everyone who ever worked with me had said that my beats are simply different. “Complicated to a tempo and a note, hard to catch.” I witnessed a stroke of a key begin a new song in a separate area of the building. A young man made a victim chose differently, plus I see class. I have seen the same result in other people. It may be a word said or an experience of life fueling their process of thought. When I suggested one small change in his writing, he adjusted respect for all women out there. “No conflict nor discussion.” He adopted the change in his work.

“I accepted some words in his lyrics because they got trapped in his heart, and musical expressions changes with growth.” In time, we may have tuned up his lyrics while helping aspiring talent seeking some help for tomorrow. I know it would have helped when I started to chase my piano rack.
I am a horrible speller and writer, but there is some math in this problem.
I am proud of all my kids, their mothers; I’ll pray for, till the day I’m gone. We will never understand anyone’s thinking until we ask one question in life. I don’t mean a dress code or status, but what seed is in their hearts.


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There are only two songs with his sister. I said WTF?
Very Clever. 😉

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