My NoIQ “California” Road. TiTQ. III


My NoIQ "California" Road.

“I am not a person who believes in coincidences. I believe in the steps we must take with the many choices in mind.”  ~ Brixs Beats

I was born in a concrete jungle filled with greeneries of all sorts. From the South, we have the Andes Mountains sharing the air with our Amazons’ Wild Life. Growing up, I do not recall being surrounded by a world so disrespectful, but I do remember our neighbors helping our parents keep us in check. I do not come from a perfect South America, but a different America. One where a Cartel Boss did some good with the evil money made. An America” known” for its “own” brand tie, but one does not want to be wearing it. An America with beautiful women, “Doñas” by heritage with hips shaking the world. Let’s ask Shakira if her hips lie? Lol. And the attitude not to be “f**** with.” Please, do not take that out of content because I mean it differently. These women are intelligent, very headstrong, and love of an unconditional kind. I am sure many things changed, but our grandmothers stay true to things. I am sure it fades through generations like anything else. One thing I know is that when it’s rooted, something mingles forever. Meaning that if there is fear, we manage to stand for what’s right. Our South American soil has “been” watered with more blood and tears from kids to grown people.

“A rich soil cultivating a hateful fear.”

Out of all that I’ve seen throughout my life, there are parts of good humanity I learned en la selva. As a young man, I did dumb things to family and others, but I know I can count on every one of them. There is something in our humbled hearts that sees a difference.
One is supposed to let go to become, not remember to become different. One must pay the respect our elders earned with our love.
Our elders are supposed to be an example towards our future. My guess is our elders now are from a different time. They have lost character, principal and they jeopardize our future. I can not speak for all, but I share of all that I’ve strangely met. To be “wise” requires an adjustment of sacrificial instincts. It’s hard to do when the wrong keeps getting away.
My Road is just like yours, except my blueprint is different. It is “strong” to admit wrongs and adheres to making a difference.
Life is a big book made from many pages. Some are good, and some are wrong, but there is still time for growth.

So what is the beginning of my NoIQ California Road?
It’s getting back to the roots and fighting for our youth.