Cars ~ Computers
Music = People

Life is not lived, it is learned. 

John 8:32

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Family | Business-Oriented | Automotive-Parts Industry | Music Industry | Customer Service-Retention | Dealership Consultant-Management | Worked on anything that can be taken apart and put back together. Catholic School | Military School

1986 - Present

North America

Brought here as a student with zero English knowledge. 
School – Automotive – Technology – Business – Customer Service – Training Seminars – Career Oriented Training – Music Production – Sound Engineering – Business Management

Systems & Technology

Auto - Music
& Software

Repair Manuals – Computer Manuals – G.M – Mitsubishi – Dodge – Mitchell – All-Data – Microsoft – Arkona – Dealertrack  – Acid Pro – Protools – Waves – Ableton – Akai – iZotope – Adobe – WordPress  Windows – Red Hat – Still Learning 

About Me

I am a willful person who is considerate at placing others before me. I am a hard worker and will spend a high level of energy with effort learning new things. I am human, so I error, but unafraid to make mistakes or fix them. I am a father, and a brother, and a friend when need to be. I can be last or second, never worried about first place. When I “do” make it to first, there will be an entire team next to me. I will get dirty with an effort and will ensure we all make it as one.
I am a God-fearing man, and His Son gave His life for me. I am always looking for ways to help Him. Even if at times. I felt short.




Auto | Music | Technology | Management | Cust Service

25 Plus Years


25 Plus Years

Music & Arts


Apprentice - Technician - Parts - Consultant - Management
Automotive Industry 90%
Appreciation - Learning - Production - Engineering
Music Industry 90%
Computers - Designs - Software Systems - Hardware
Technology Industry 90%
Automotive - Parts
Customer Service Industry 85%
Analog- Digital - Mechanical - Robotics
Technology Systems 80%
Unconditional Love 100%

Catholic School 
Military School 
Somerset Junior High
Downey High School 
Automotive Training
Management Training
Consultant Training
Music Development
Business Management 
Diaper Guru
Spiritual Growth
Team Builder
NoIQ Road

I am fortunate to understand what it means to have a support system.
My abilities sharpened up with the partial system I had. 
What I’ve learned is that my partial has the integrity of a full one. 
Out of respect for that, I go to work. I do not give up.