The Concept Behind The Wheel

NoIQ Hands-On Training Center

Repairing a Korg WorkStation

Booth & Engineering

Industry and Theory

Understanding an industry full of opportunities and endless rewards.

Hands-On Support

Learning how to help growth with understanding support.

Discipline & Respect

Knowing the when and the how can make a difference in anyone's life.

Team Work

Communication is a key element to help develop proper growth

Schools & Communities

Attendance, grades, participation, and parental support program integration

Tools of The Industry

There is no better way to learn than to have the present technology available

Education with live training

The entertainment industry has a place for everything and everyone. Music Talent – Movie Talent – Sound Production Talent – Producers – Directors – Camera Talent – FX Experts and more. NoIQ wanted to bring people with listed experience and the experience it takes to support it all.
I learned that the best way to know how something works is by taking it apart and putting it back together.
So, to HAVE a place AND allow MINDS to explore would bring forth a CHANGE in many WAYS.
By understanding that not everything is for everyone, we would sharpen up skills and develop talent in places lacking exposure.

Life Is A Movement


“Creating an ability for better understanding will open doors through its different opportunities. Don’t back down to sell yourself short.”

Paving a way back home.

Development and skills

We can learn from books, introduced theories, trial, and error, but the best way to develop a skill is by application. There is nothing better than having the state of the art equipment to use without restraints.


A NoIQ Learning Format

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