NoIQ Productions

I can sit here and write a million words and still have no explanation you would like to hear regarding NoIQ. All I can say is that in the past few years, everything changed but time. 

The project’s original objective was to be an independent music label with an added training center in 2017,  to help our youth interested in our entertainment industry.
It is something I’ve been planning since 1995. I have produced a collection of beats occupying an 8 Terabyte drive, and I also released a couple of albums along with a few dozen singles fort friends with a passion for the streets.

Music is part of my life, equally balanced with cars and the love of helping people. 

I am an Automotive Technician, a Consultant, an Advisor, Manager, Leader, Producer, Sound Engineer, Coach, and very well-rounded with today’s technology.
I have build over 300 sites and I believe it was a way to cope with life-changing events taking place in my life.

NoIQ Inc. is the main name for the label. It is a flagship for NoIQ Productions, NoIQ Univercity, NoIQ Studios, NoIQ Ent, Furslf, 2Bears IT, Netikz Music, AINoIQ (Sister Label) NoIQ Journal, and the NoIQ Training Center added during the project launch 2017. 


It’s not just music. It is a way of life. 
                                            _Nass 2018

NoIQ Road represents a path taken throughout my ways of life along with events that began developing in 2014. 

It is the new form of the NoIQ project determined to help in any way possible for as long as Our Heavenly Father allows me to work on it.  It took a fall to build a closer spiritual relation with Him, and I now know It can not change its course.  

Spiritually, there is a change of light placed in the middle of my darkness, and my learning path continues to change in many ways.

I will share a testimony of the many things learned as well as the love He showed me. I am far from perfect, but I’m not the person you hear about with every story found.

I lost everything but my life, and I consider it a blessing. There are no gimmicks, but added a new set of rules to help navigate this parts. There is one fact I hold to heart, and that’s His will gifted within me. 

I am a father. I am a son. I know to stand.   

Isaiah 54:17

NoIQ Studio