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This is a side of Brixs kept personal. For the most part, we all know him as a car guy!

Expect the unexpected when it comes to Brixs Beats. A visionary with a gift to stand when others would run. Gifted at birth with a passion for music, cars, and people. A mans’ unique story to tell with an 808 kick to help with the noise. Not an artist, but a mere music holiest. The correct label is Producer. He feels it is disrespectful to compare himself to the “real great producers” out in the world today.

The person inside will continue to build his legacy; Knowing too well of a lurking desire for his fall.
A self-taught (homemade) engineering mystery. An ability to hear sound spoken by the lost.
God has placed His hand on Brixs, grip firmly. Something he discovered through personal transgressions and the help of Rx-6 iZotope software.

It has taken a fall for him to gain a clear vision. That fall became the foundation and rebirth for NoIQ.
Brixs desire is to help aspiring youth with their work to improve their grades, personal life, and relations with their parents. God had bigger plans. He wanted Brixs to learn from lessons as “truth” revealed to him.


You want me gone

God speaks a different tone

If you meet him or come across him, ask him what his lesson taught him. He will tell you: “Failure is not an option, and reasons are born from our choices in this world.” When he said that, I asked him why he thinks everything happens by choice. His response will have you thinking when you hear, but furthermore. Our “own” ignorance will ignore it, and that will be the choice in our lessons.

For a person who claims to be a nobody, his heart will show you more.
He is an “image,” he says. “As that has become missing within our world.” He followed. “It is the flesh within our weakness taking the best out of all of us.” He ends. He gave me the wrong impression and had me back looking for more. I have asked him for my name to “be kept” between us.
I am hoping to see this ending last words.