2011 – 2021

Project NoIQ Studio Control pad

NoIQ Foundation

The journey began with an acoustic guitar at age seven, and by age fifteen, I was playing a snare in Military School. I arrived in San Francisco, California, in September 1986 thanks to a loving family desiring a better future for me. In 1989 I began a musical journey and foundation of my NoIQ Road. 

The first official NoIQ Project encountered hidden challenges while working on Netikz’s “Unknown” album in 2018. His work speaks of life, while his words share a testimony of the things we must prevent, not ignore. NoIQ began to release music in 1992. NoIQs’ vision has grown for the cause. 

Training Center

The concept for the Center came together in June 2018.
We were in the studio working on “Single” a Mothers’ Anthem, as we stormed ideas for the video. This project had a blessing of great thinking minds who are familiar with the industry.

Can you imagine? What if? So, we went to work. I like to thank all of you in the room that day for giving everything. Know that our quest is not in vain, regardless of our distance and places in time. 

NoIQ Studio Project Screen Shot


The proper path in life will help us secure an adequate and stable future. My experience grew with an ambition to give back to our future. 



Technician ~ Consultant Dealership Management



Writer ~ Producer
Consultant ~ Engineer



Performance ~ Upgrades 
Repairs ~ Programing


NoIQ began at a time when analog was meeting digital. The era with a new learning curve. It happened with every industry forcing a change from a pencil to expensive computer times.

The entertainment industry revolutionized the need for modern technology. We went from action to acting faster than we can put up a green screen. The key to the successful evolution bonded together with the aggressiveness changes to the sounds.

What would the words be if you had to explain a loved one missing? How can the beginning of such a sentence hold an impact to outlast the test of time? What will you share or keep from others as the best interest, when the interest shown values a capital interest at heart?

How can we teach unconditional love by the lack of actions to display its meaning? Or when we get a chance, we turn our eye for a negative cause? We speak of love to gain an advantage of the best interest but show with dislikes the lack of passion for the best interest in our hearts.

The NoIQ Road

Any journey can take us places we may never imagine going. Humanity reached space as well as our seas and far lands. For every positive step taken, a negative step will need to consider as a countermeasure. There lies the burden heavy to carry at heart.

The Youth Project includes the same conditions. It took planning, development, and tiers of investment to achieve a present time. When the first functional pilot studio was gifted a final piece of equipment, I fell to the ground as blows from a spiritual war began to take form.